Grab The Wheel

by Evan W. Craig

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Armed with their wits and a Roland 8 track recorder. Speedy Recovery has come out with their full length album "Grab The Wheel".. a album about moving on but being stuck in certain moments of happiness and depression.
Sadly shortly after this album was made singer Evan Craig needed an emergency lung transplant after suffering from Cystic Fibrosis from birth while managing 3 mothers, 3 fathers and a car wreck that should have left him dead growing up. Somehow his "Speedy Recovery" cannot be stopped. He's working currently on his solo record with a biograpy book based on his life this far in life, along with writing articles from time to time with local Halifax trendy paper The Coast and donating his time with many charities.
Stay tuned for more!


released January 25, 2016

Evan Craig - Vocals/words/music
Brian Collins - The Same
Jamie Bowlin- Drums
Adam Pye - Bass
Shannon Curnew - Piano




Evan W. Craig Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Ghost At The Gate
Heaven doesn't wait for nobody, endless.
Neither does hell, you gatta buy or sell
Long awaited, hidden in basements, the trap door to my soul
Because now the time, it rolls faster than these wind chimes
To preach what you teach, if you sink so long you gatta swim
Now I've been holding up for years, sleeping through my prares and it's endless
Living right through you, singin' out of tune, but I'm calling
And now the time , it falls on your mind, and i don't know, how this old life will go, masacated, merages in pavement, reap what you sow
and i'm rolling, ya i'm rolling on.
Now black and blue, long and pretty, but i'm bored, so bored.
Endless nights they seem the same. Heavy verdict with eyes glazed, it's all the same.
Out on the freeway, she's getting old.. these lights of her city, the place she use to call home. but she's getting old.. ya we're all getting old.. but she's getting old.. so old.. goin' up!
Track Name: Desert Walkin'
same walk in
"sam I am"
welcome here for a long stay, sam I am
5 to 10 he's getting nrevous,
millions more like him in the twilight observing
now where do we go?
as he floats back into space.. walls of feelings on his face
Track Name: Arc
I'm just a Canadian kid, with an Arabian prince on this very ship.. shoulder shoulders with some enemies.
Track Name: Trip To Cairo
we're on a trip to cairo!! a trip around the sun
Track Name: Grab The Wheel
grab the wheel but the threat of it.. we might not have, long to share, but i don't know where we went wrong